Holiday Help

Every November and December our organization has a huge increase of pet owners reaching out for pet food assistance. It makes it difficult to get back to everyone before the holiday season is over. We are starting a new program to help pet owners who are struggling to feed thier pets during the holiday season. We will have an event for people to pick up pet food in November before Thanksgiving, and one in December before Christmas. We will provide this program every year, as long as we have the funds. Information for the dates and time will be listed here every year. You must meet the income qualifications in order to pick up pet food. The rules and full details are listed below:

Who can come to the events and apply:

  • Those that meet the income verifications and provide proof of income (listed at the bottom of this page)
  • People who are homeless and have pet(s)
  • People who have not submitted an application to our organization or those who have been denied for assistance.

These events are for pet food assistance only. Please do not bring your pets(s) with you to the event unless you do not have any other choice. 

This page is in the process of being updated so we get the information to the community as fast as we can. Check back often to get all of the infomation.

Our first event in Wednesday Novemeber 22, 2017

1st location: Central Riverside Park- 720 Nims N. Wichita KS

Time: 3:15pm to 4:20pm

*We will get to each location early to set up, but we will not start until the time posted. It is first come first serve. We will not stay there past the times listed so please be on time.

2nd location: 4:45pm to 5:30pm- Chapin Dog Park: E. MacArthur Rd. Wichita, KS

Income Requirments:

  • 1 person family household- below $1,250/month
  • 2 person family household- $1,642/month
  • 3 person family household- $2,500/month
  • 4 person family household- $2,934/month
  • 5 and above- have to make under $40,000 a year