One of our programs include help with dog training. Please know, just like our vet bill assistance program, we do not cover 100% of the bill. If you are in need of dog training, especially if you feel like you may have to rehome your dog due to the behavior, request an application. We will do everything we can to help, just please contact us before rehoming your dog. Below is information on the company we use for training. Please know, you have to fill out the assistance form with our organization, not them. Below is educational material.

Kathrine M. Christ

    Owner/Head trainer

Education: B.A. Psychology. Masters Of  

                  International Affairs.

Experience: 13+ years including pet dog training, dog sports training, behavior modification for rescue dogs, and future service dog training.

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They will never use fear or aggressive methods as tools to train your dog(s). Some of this information comes from a short video on their website.

1. Is my dog safe? We only allow trained professionals to help us with our dog training program. Please visit their website and get to know them.

2. Do I need to be more "alpha"? No. The "alpha myth" says dogs choose their behavior based on their perception of who is in charge. Scientists now know this isn't true. Dogs choose behaviors simply to seek pleasure and comfort and to aviod pain and fear. They don't want to be in charge.

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Dog Training Information: